MIN628 TWS Bluetooth Wooden Speaker


The MIN628 is designed as a high-end portable option. The stylish bronze handle makes it easy to carry anywhere you want to go. For those who want the quality of a high-end system in any environment, this is the speaker for you.

The MIN628 is made to travel anywhere, but it sounds and looks good enough to be your primary indoor speaker. Plug it in and enjoy your favorite music in any room. When it is time to get outside, premium sound can come with you wherever you go.

The MIN628 also features a single knob that allows for control of the 3 inch subwoofer to fit the listener’s preference.

With two distinct sound chambers, the different components are separated allowing the MIN628 to achieve a superior sound quality for a portable speaker.

Replaceable battery
The MIN628’s 1000mah lithium battery allows for 10+ hours of play on a single battery charge (when plated at mid-volume). That’s enough time to get through a whole day out with friends or through a night of partying without worrying about the speaker going dead. If there’s ever an issue with the battery, it can easily be replaced.

• 2 x Tweeter 1” 6Ω

• 2 x woofer 3” 4Ω

• Subwoofer 3” 4Ω - active subwoofer

• Battery for 12 hours music play

• 40 watts amplifier | 10W x 2 + 20W x 1

• Bluetooth 4.2 version

• USB player / flac, wav, mp3 files

• Line in and out

• Weight : 1.36lb

• Dimensions: 16.5 x 4.1 x 4.3 inch

• 12mm wooden panel (oak/teak/walnut/rosewood)